Get UDT defs from provider?

I’d like to grab the UDT definitions from a given provider, the goal being a dataset comprised of the full path of every UDT definition for use in a script. I’ve attempted some search-fu but didn’t find a post about this specific topic.Is there a way to accomplish this directly?

We have been able to get all of our UDT paths by using system.tag.browseTags. Our UDT definitions are nested in folders under a common folder named “UDT”. So we do a recursive browse on the folder “types/UDT/” and then filter out the sub-folder names out of the results…

folder = "_types_/UDT/"
filter = "*DEVICES*"
results = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath=folder, tagPath=filter, recursive=1, sort="ASC")
for r in results:
	print r

Thanks! I had just discovered the ‘types’ folder, this makes sense now.

ETA: I also just learned that this text input field in the new forum software treats underscores as formatting instructions for the words they enclose. The more you know.

I didn’t know that either. I see that it italicized the word types in my folder path outside of the code block. Apparently double underscores on either side of text will bold it.

Hm, still having trouble getting into the Data Types folder. I can’t get browseTags() to return any UDT definitions. I tried using “types/Folder” for tagPath and it still only returns tags from the actual tag tree. I’ve resorted to just exporting the data types folder and manually compiling a list.

I got results by omitting the filter:

That did it for me, thanks. I could have sworn I tested that form of the function call…