Get Underlying Table Data from Alarms Status Table

I can't stop thinking there must be a way to access the underlying table data from the Alarm Status Table for export instead of re-querying the alarm data again and fishing around each alarm object to extract special properties and such. Is this possible using any of the Java packages available to us in python scripting?

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I'll bump this back to the top, but I have a feeling the answer will be no. Perspective isn't designed this way.

Turn on

to poplulate

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This is great! Thank you! Do you know if this prop re-queries alarms when enabled, or does it expose data already under the hood?

I didn't get any results when I turned it on in the designer, but toggling a filter populated it.

I would imagine that it would populate on opening of the view.

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So i've just been looking at this, and big caveat, unless i'm doing something silly, there is a massive problem with this..

I've got 54 alarms showing up based on the state / priority filters in the properties, sweet. all good.

However, if i add some custom code to the extension function "filterAlarms", and filter out some stuff, that filtered dataset is not being reflected here in the results data property.. :frowning:

Sadly I can't use the inbuilt filters shown above, as i'm filtering on custom Alarm Associated Data..

If anyone has figured this one out that'd be great..

I'm trying to reflect an accurate alarm count based on this "results" property, but it all goes pearshaped when the extension filter kicks in..