Get Window Parameters without opening the window

Hi all,
Does anyone know of a function or script snippet to get the available parameters for a window WITHOUT opening the window?

You have to deserialize it to query the root container’s dynamic properties, so, no.

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Well damn.
I figured there must be a way since the navigation wizard can access them without it open.
Oh well, just will hard code window parameters to a table for now.

I don’t doubt that there are magic methods under the hood. /-:

Do you just need to know the names of the properties, or the initial value and type as well?

Just the name.
We have a database driven navigation system and I have a drop down list that shows all the window names.
Was hoping to have the same for the available window parameters.

Take a look here. In the “Templates” window of the project download, there is a script that might be interesting for you. You’ll have to mess around with it a bit but I think it could work. I think it can be done if you change it from getting templates to windows on line 18. Once its deserialized as ‘obj’ you might need to do some exploring to actually find what you’re looking for though.

Good luck and remember none of this stuff is actually supported so no guarantees it wont be broken at some point.