Get window title from other window

I have a table that contains all the windows of my project. Is there any way to get more information from those windows?. for example the title.
I tried system.gui.getWindow (‘window’) but it doesn’t work
I’m working in vision module.

Windows are stored in serialized form. You must open them to get an object with the properties and methods and root container contents you are looking for.

thanks for your reply.
My idea is to store the window titles in a database automatically. Then the user searches for the window with a text field.
Any idea how I can do it?

You can use system.gui.getWindowNames() in a script to find all windows, open them, collect the information you want, then close them. Presumably in the designer. I would construct a dataset from this and store it in a client tag. All clients would then have a convenient list to work from.

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