getColumnAsList method gone from pyDataSet in 8.1.1?!?!?

We just upgraded our dev server from 8.1.0 to 8.1.1 and all our scripts that used the getColumnAsList method on pyDataSet objects are now broken.

I am very sad and a little bit angry.

We didn’t remove it, but it appears an unrelated change has triggered a bug in Jython that is causing it to be inaccessible.

I’ll open a ticket to see if we can do anything about it.

We’re going to fix this before the 8.1.2 final release.


It is back in, but one interesting tidbit is that it isn't mentioned anywhere in the documentation. I had to remember it was there and try it in the script console. It's an awfully handy function to leave out of documentation, plus, depending on your testing processes, could mean it doesn't get tested.


ok, I was searching in the help system for system.dataset.getColumnAsList(). I should have known better.

It is a little tricky in that I found nothing under that, nor getColumnAsList(), I had to put the whole data.getColumnAsList in excatly that way to get a result