getPropsReducer multiple triggers for a single property change

For a single property change, is it normal for the getPropsReducer method function trigger twice? I have seen times where it has triggered three times. Here’s my code and a video.
Thanks again!

export class ValveBasicMeta implements ComponentMeta {

    getComponentType(): string {
        return COMPONENT_TYPE;

    getDefaultSize(): SizeObject {
        return ({
            width: 150,
            height: 100

    getViewComponent(): PComponent {
        return ValveBasic;

    getPropsReducer(tree: PropertyTree): ValveBasicProps { => `ValveBasic getPropsReducer called.`);
        let UdtValveBasic = {
                intStateNumber: -3,
                strName: "strName",
                strPidTagName: "strPidTagName",
                UdtHmiCmds: {
                    boolClose: false,
                    boolOpen: false,
                    boolReset: false,
                    intHandOffAuto: -3

        return {
            UdtValveBasic:"UdtValveBasic", UdtValveBasic),
            imageUrls: tree.readArray("imageUrls")

I have another Component that serves as a wrapper for two custom React components and in this one I have subscribed to the PropertyTree’s change listener. With this Component, a single property change still fires the getPropsReducer method function twice but what is more peculiar is that for a single property change my subscribed listener method function gets called tree times.

In startup with bindings yes, the bindings trigger at a different speed than the componen. So it first reads the default (or null) values, than the binding changes them and it triggers again

I can it happening during startup (the constructor gets called) but the rest of the time doesn’t make sense. In my case I don’t have any tag bindings, is that the binding you’re referring to? Either way, it doesn’t make sense why a method function is called when a property doesn’t change, to me that’s a bug if it is only supposed to be called on a change. That’d be like a onMouseDown event being triggered twice.

Can someone from IA please explain?

Thank you.

Have been reading…I think you mean class/function/event bindings?