GetTag Method no longer accessible via getTagManager

Hi guys,

Just testing out module building for first time in V8, had previously dabbled in V7. It might be a simple one but I seem to have lost the ability to use the getTag as before.

In v7.9 my script would say
Tag tag = context.getTagManager().getTag(TagPathParser.parseSafe(etc));

In V8 however, it can no longer find getTag when i type getTagManager(). Any ideas where i might be going wrong?

The APIs have changed, take a look at the latest javadocs

Hi Kevin, thanks for the pointer but I am little unsure still as to how the API has changed. I can see the difference between “Tag Collector” in that it now has no sub-interfaces listed (previously included “Tag Manager”). But what is the new method to obtain the “GetTag” function if it i cannot use a subinterface?

Let’s back up a little bit - what are you trying to accomplish here? Why were you getting a reference to the tag in 7.9?