Getting a Chart to plot all points in a large dataset

I’m trying to plot a large dataset (~1000 points) in a chart, which works, however not all the points appear in the chart. As I’m aware, the chart tries to draw a reasonable representation of the data without plotting each point. I’m guessing this is an efficiency measure, to reduce the time it takes to render the plot. However, for my current need, it is more important to have each and every data point being plotted rather than having some of them plotted quickly. Is there a way to achieve this?

I was going with the assumption that since the Chart uses jFreeChart in the background, this behavious might be because it uses the SamplingXYLineRenderer for plotting. However after a small test it appears that it uses the StandardXYItemRenderer. I have tried changing the rendered to XYLineAndShapeRenderer without any improvement.

I have attached a small project which shows a chart with the dataset that I’m trying to plot, and my attempt at changing the renderer. I have also attached a picture of how the chart currently looks and how Excel renders the data, which is what I’m trying to achieve with the chart.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I’m using Ignition Version 7.8.3 on Windows 10

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

I had made up something using the paintable canvas. See this post.

EDIT: Also in that thread is a module that Kyle Chase had made to get past the intersecting line issue.

Hope this helps!

Hi Jordan! Thanks a lot for your help. I’m new to Ignition and didn’t know I could use the Paintable Canvas for this purpose. I am currently designing my project around your solution.

I wasn’t able to download any of the files Kyle uploaded and I’ve sent him a PM regarding it. If I’m able to use the chart component itself for this sort of plotting that would be a great help since that allows me to use some of the other features of jFreeCharts like zoom and pan.

Thanks again for pointing me in this direction!