Getting a UDT binding value

Im using system.tag.getConfiguration(tag)[0][‘opcItemPath’]
We are using a lot of UDT instances with UDT parameter bindings. When I get the configuration for the opc item path, it returns these bindings in this format:

{bindType=parameter, binding={myParam}.“the Rest of the path defined in UDT definition”}

when I try to pull out the value of the binding by using something like print config[‘opcItemPath’][‘binding’], I am met with this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 11, in
TypeError: ‘com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.config.BoundValue’ object is unsubscriptable

So, i’m resorting to using string splits to access the bound value which feels like such a workaround. Isn’t there a better way?

Still finding the object to be unsubscriptable when I try and get to the value of some binding of a udt instance.

	cfg =  system.tag.getConfiguration(tag)[0]
	print cfg['parameters']['Comm_name']
	print cfg['parameters']['Comm_name']['value']

Printed results are:

{datatype=String, value=ACOSTA1_RTU}
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<input>", line 8, in <module>
TypeError: '' object is unsubscriptable

I’ve got exactly the same problem today. Did you ever find a better solution than parsing the string?

Unfortunately it’s been crickets. Kind of a hassle to get a simple tag config parameter. Hopefully someone chimes in here and shows us the way!

print config['opcItemPath'].getBinding() or print config['opcItemPath'].binding should work - the latter is Jython syntactic sugar for the former.

I was recently trying to search for answer to this same question. I reached out to support and they gave me some info from the SDK documentation which provides the answer.

tags = system.tag.getConfiguration("[default]_types_/", True)
#print tags

for tag in tags:
	tagConfigs = tag
	#print tagConfigs
	for key,value in tagConfigs.iteritems():
		#This is all of the tags in the _types_ folder
		#More specifically, this is a list of configurations for each of the tags in this folder
		if key == 'tags':
			tagConfigList = value
			#print type(tagConfigList)
			#Becuase it's a list we must loop for each item in the list
			for tag in tagConfigList:
				tagConfig = tag
				#Now, we get an actual dictionary of configurations for each tag
				print "UDT Configs:"
				for key,value in tagConfig.iteritems():
					#These are all the properties (or keys) for the UDT
					print "KEY:",key,"| VALUE:",value
					#Parameters seems to have another dictionary for its value
					if key == 'parameters':
						parameterValueDict = value
						print "--------------------------------------------"
						print "Parameter Value Dictionary = ",parameterValueDict 
						#This is a dictionary type so I will get the key,value pair again
						for key,value in parameterValueDict.iteritems():
							print key,value
							#This seems to have another dictionary as its value
							print type(value)
							#But it's not a dict type
							#It's a type!
							#So we cannot use iteritems again
							parameterValue = value
							#But we can use this method from the java docs to easily get the type of the parameter
							print "This Parameter is a:", parameterValue.getDatatype()
							print "This Parameter's value is: ", parameterValue.getValue()

Also if value is of the type <type ‘com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.config.BoundValue’>
e.g. value={bindType=parameter, binding={InstanceName}}
then you can use


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