Getting a weird error. Anyone know what it means?

I’m getting this error when I’m doing a fpmi.tag.writeToTag()

ERROR [TagUtilities$WriteListener-AWT-EventQueue-0] E_FAIL

It is writing correctly to the tag but this error still occurs. Anyone know why this is happening?

E_FAIL would likely be a response code from the OPC server, making its way back up into PMI.

Is the tag you’re trying to write to actually writable? Are the data types correct?

I would say that you could try adding the tag to a FactorySQL group and try writing to it from there, but the result likely wouldn’t be much different. If FactorySQL tries to write to the OPC server (and to be clear, writing to a SQLTag actually goes through FactorySQL), and it fails, it doesn’t really get more information than “E_FAIL”.

Which OPC server are you using? If you look at the log in there, you may be able to find more information as to why it’s failing. As a sanity check you could try using a quick client to write to the tag… if it works in there, we can look deeper into what’s going on in FSQL/FPMI.


Did you ever get resolution on this issue? I am facing the same thing, writes to the tag correctly, but pops up with error every time.