Getting alarms from non-existing tags

Project running on Ignition 7.9.10.

I have a UDT defined where one field in the UDT has an attached alarm. I modified the project recently. Originally, this UDT had two fields with attached alarms. I reduced the number of alarms to 1 and renamed the alarm field (from “In Fault State” to “Faulted”).

The “alarm” field in the UDT is an expression tag. Now, when the bit in the expression for some of the tags becomes active, I get two separate alarms…

  1. One for the current existing tag. xxx/Faulted

  2. One for the old tag structure. xxx/In Fault State

The second tag no longer exists but seems to be cached somewhere. How do I remove these ghost alarms? Or, if they can not simply be removed, how do I rebuild the alarm cache so that these ghost alarms are removed?

Have you tried rebooting the gateway? Or the opc-ua server and or resaving the tag provider? I’ve seen some strange things with tags in 8, albeit in the earlier versions, that were (mostly) resolved doing this. May apply to 7 as well