Getting an error on module upload, any suggestions


We have created a module and while uploading it in Ignition below is the Warning coming in the gateway logger:

java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find bundle for base name path/AbstractScriptModule, locale en_US

We have created other modules with the exact same structure and never faced this issue. AbstractScriptModule is also created for this module and we are able to see help on click of ctrl + spacebar from Ignition.

Although this is a warning but this keeps coming everytime the module is uploaded or gateway script is changed and saved during the development process.

Any leads on this will help in resolving this issue. Not able to see any relevant help on the internet search also.

Rajiv Kumar,
OpteBiz Inc.
Taledo, OH USA

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I’m also seeing this warning on ignition 8.1, any clues?