Getting Bound Tag path

I’ve bound the doubleValue property of a Numeric Text Field to a tag. On the same component I’ve programmed a script on the popertyChange event where I need to get the path of the tag I bound to. Is that possible?

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Take a look at the following post:

By the way. This is all unsupported by Ignition so it may not work in future versions.

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You could do this much more simply by creating a custom property on the numeric text field and putting the tag path in it. You would then display the value of that tag in the control by binding the doubleValue property to the tag path using an indirect tag binding.

For example, for a control called Numeric Text Field with the tag path in a custom property tag, the indirect tag binding on the doubleValue property would be Root Container.Numeric Text Field.tag.

The tag path is then also available in any other script via the custom property.