Getting Component Values From Script

hello. I am currently trying to get the value of a checkbox that exists in a window from a script. However, I am having trouble with an error that notes “window (xyz) is not currently open.”. Has anyone been able to perform this? How so?

This is the code statement causing the error:


Your syntax is correct. The error seems obvious. If the DataLoad window isn’t open, there’s no checkbox.

The window is definitely open as the scripting function is being called from a button on that window.

While your syntax seems correct, if the button is on the same window as the as the checkbox, you can simplify your call by doing:


Edit: Changed the selector to one that is more likely going to work in more cases.

Right. And I have that working. But I am looking to move the code you mentioned to a script, which means I need to use the Open Window I originally posted.

Are you sure that the name of the window is exactly DataLoad? Is it inside of any folders, maybe?

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Maybe there is something I am missing? I am relatively new to Ignition. Do I need to include Project/Main Windows/DataLoad??

You are missing Main Windows/DataLoad. Right click on your window and select Copy Path.


Thank you!