Getting Custom Property as Array

Hi there,

I want to get a component custom property as an array.

As you know there is no array for datatype;

I can select string and i can use split for getting array. But it shouldnt be best way.

Is there any more usefull way?

*main purpose: to be able to process row numbers by selecting them separately

Thanks in advance.

Use a dataset type with a single column?

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I’ve done this in the past. IIRC dataset cells can contain objects, so you may be able to use a single cell for your array.

Be careful with this - while datasets support arbitrary data types, serialization does not, so you might think everything is working in the designer, then open the window in the client and have no data.

I would use a dataset in it’s “intended” form, as @lrose suggested.


I thought about using the dataset but for some reason I didn’t choose it. I changed what was causing this and used the dataset. seems to be working for now

Thanks for replies!