Getting custom tag params via getConfiguration

Potential bug… or as designed?

Writing a script that needs to pull a couple of datatype custom parameters.

oTagConfig = system.tag.getConfiguration(sElementPath)
iArrayIndex = oTagConfig[0]['parameters']['ArrayIndex']
sElementType = oTagConfig[0]['parameters']['ElementTag']
sOPCServer = oTagConfig[0]['parameters']['IPC']

This will fail if the custom parameters have their default value in them. If I remove the default value from the datatype and input it manually for each instance of that datatype, it works fine.

I think the answer to that is “yes”.
The way our tag editing model handles things, the individual UDT instance doesn’t have a given parameter value if it’s the default. In theory, everything that should need to should automatically get the correct value from the parent. We could probably change the way that works for UDTs, but we’ll have to be careful about potential regressions, in case anyone’s relying on the way getConfiguration currently works.

Thanks Paul. I’ll continue with the defaults unfilled.