Getting data from Injection Molding Machines

I need to find a way to collect data from our injection molding machines

I was wondering if anyone has connected to the following injection molding machines:
krauss maffei injection moulding machine
series : MX
Machine type: km 2000/12000 MX
Control system/version: MC5 3.0
Year of counstruction : 2008

Collect data(such as parameters ) form machine and store in a computer and update it.

I would recommend you contact Krauss Maffei to see what options are available for your specific machine. The MC5 controllers should support communication (e.g. EUROMAP 63), but you may need to purchase equipment/license/software from Krauss Maffei to enable. If EUROMAP 63 is supported (possibly via KM’s own proprietary software), you could then use something like the KEPServerEX EUROMAP 63 driver, which would then allow you to get data from the machine into Ignition. It is also possible that KM may have other communication routes available as well.

Hi, sorry i dont have your name.

Were you able to get data from the IMM with MC5?

We are running a project for the company i work for, and it’s been impossible to get data from it.

We have kepware with euromap 63 drive installed, in win server with ftp server.

Is there any way we could get in contact? so you can give me any advise?