Getting data from PLC5 and SLC500 processors

I need to go on site and invetigate a job.

The job has several PLC’s (PL5, SLC50x, ControlLogix L73 …)

The site currently has Wonderware and the ABTCP driver talking to the PLC’s thru the ControlLogix processor.

The currently are configured like this.

ABTCP <–EthernetIP–>ControlLogix<–DH±->PLC5, SLC500

Can I use the OPC-UA EthernetIP driver to talk to the PLC5, and SLC500 in a similar manner.

Yes, that should work. Just make sure to set the ‘Connection Path’ property correctly when configuring the devices. See here for more info.

We have a bunch of SLC500’s on a DH+ network. We talk to them through a small controllogix rack with a 1756-ENBT/A and a 1756-DHRIO/C in it. It works very well.

We also have SLC504’s on a DH+ network using a controllogix rack. With Factory PMI we used Kepware. Kepware supports Suitelink and OPC DA but now with Ignition we use the AB OPC UA server.