Getting "Flood limit tripped, starting 5000ms cooldown" warnings when my gateway usage is high

Hi, I’ve ran into an issue with flood limit tripped. I’ve crawled through the forums and have yet to find a topic might fix this. (Screen grab below)

When I look at the components bindings firing these warnings, the common denominator seems to be that these bindings have “if” statements and that they are all embeded views. Also I’m not seeing any circular reference. The props are only referenced once.

if({view.custom.lat_quality}='Good' && {view.custom.power_on}, '', {view.custom.error_colour})

Right now, we are seeing them when the ram usage are very high on the gateway, but we don’t know if it’s a symptom or the source of our problems :frowning:


What version of Ignition are you running? How complex are your script transforms and expression bindings in terms of how many you have and how often are they firing?

We do have an internal bug ticket that would make that logger give more information on what is causing the issue but it is currently in progress.

If you are having performance issues that are happening consistently, I would call into Support since they can troubleshoot easier over a remote session.

This may not outright solve your problem, but version 8.1.15 released a fix for one of the potential bugs causing this issue so I would recommend starting with an upgrade.

I see three custom properties present in that expression, but I’m really only concerned about the first two since the last one is unlikely to be modified often; what is writing to those first two custom properties? This expression will execute each time any of the referenced properties has a value change. This includes timestamp changes, and so this will execute even if the same value is written to the properties in question. My concern is that if you’re writing to those values often it could trigger this. Out of curiosity, are there additional properties at the view.custom level?

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Hi Bau,

We are currently using 8.1.10 and we are hoping to move to 8.1.16 in the near future. Upgrading takes time with our setup because company policy on testing.
As for the complexity, there aren’t any transforms and the expressions are really simple “if” statements. And the custom properties are just standard indirect tag bindings


Hi cmallonee,

Yea these properties are at the view.custom level since they are used by multiple components. And yea there are additional properties at that level.

The values on those properties are bounded to event driven OPC tags. but there are tons of other tags like that, somehow these are the only ones that have a flood overload on them :frowning:

How many other custom properties, and are they also written to on a frequent basis?

Hi cmallonee, there about 10 custom properties per view, and they are written at about once per second…

sorry for the lack of updates, basically the error stopped after we did a reboot of the gateway, it seems to only appear when the ram usage gets exceptionally high. I’m now waiting for the update to 8.1.16 to see if the problem would just go away :frowning: