Getting IP address of connected machine

I’m trying to get the IP address of the machine viewing a web app. I expected this bit of python in the Client startup script to do it:

system.tag.write('[Client]writable',, True)

Instead, it gets the IP address of the server/gateway.

I also tried to access it through [System]Client/Network/IPAddress to the same effect.

So, how do I do this?


I should add that this is a mobile app, which I think might be part of the issue.

From the guide: [quote]Mobile clients are virtual clients that are launched on the server.[/quote]

So I guess my question is, is there a workaround to still access the ip?

To take another tack, is there any way to embed the client id in the meta data of a mobile module web app?

Okay, one more try, is it possible to bake a string into the URL on a per-client basis?

Take a look at this.


Thanks pdibenedetto!

For posterity:

Use a URL e.g., localhost:8088/main/system/mobile?project=myProjectName&someParam=foo

“myProjectName” is the name from “myProjectName.jnlp” and “someParam” is a client tag in designer like “[Client]someParam”.

You must upgrade your Gateway to 7.6.3* for this to work (and Java to 7).