Getting License Key

I always like to display the Ignition license key in all my applications. Currently i display the key as label from a tag in the Gateway i manually edit.
i there a way to query the internal ‘works’ of the gateway to get the actual key?

In a message handler, put the following

	from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway import SRContext
	context = SRContext.get()
	resp = {"primary key":None,"secondary keys":[]}
	resp["primary key"] = str(context.getLicenseManager().getLicense().getCDKey().toString())
	for key in context.getLicenseManager().getSecondaryLicenses():
		resp["secondary keys"].append(str(key.getCDKey().toString()))
	return resp

Now, invoke that with system.util.sendRequest or sendRequestAsync, and voila!

You should blur that CD key :astonished:

oops, suppose you are correct. Can trust no one nowadays