Getting <List> not values in reporting plugin display

I have a bunch of labels and boxes that I am displaying in a report. I drag my data key into the box and when I view the report in the designer, in some of them it displays the data and in others it displays instead. I’m not sure why. When I look at my dataset, some of the values that displayed as are simply 0.00.

Also, in some that display a , I am adding two or more fields together. The key is @value1 + value2 + value3@. Am I wrong, in the syntax? All of the values are floating point data types.

Hmm, I just tried what you described, and it worked fine for me. Are you sure one of those values isn’t a dataset? Or, are some of the displays in a nested context, like a table?

Not that I know of. Here is a subset of my dataset for this report:

ID	Packageid	Date	24PkFL	24PkCA	Run	Brand
31850	11511	2008-05-19 00:00:00.000	0.00	4665.00	A	PAL
31851	11513	2008-05-19 00:00:00.000	0.00	5065.00	Z	PAL
31854	11517	2008-05-19 00:00:00.000	0.00	0.00	C	SHH
31855	NULL	2008-05-19 00:00:00.000	0.00	22251.00	A, B, Y, Z	PAL

I just drag the key 24PkFL into my report and it shows when I preview it.

Ah ha, so the field is a float field in a dataset. In order for the field to show up, you need to be in a subcontext that loops through the records of the dataset, like a table.

Well, I still had an issue with the out being instead of the value, but I found that my underlying problem was that my fields from the database started with a number instead of a character. I created a view as the dataset and for instance instead of the field 24PkFL, the field is now PkFL24 and it is all working as expected.

Ah, yeah, starting names with numbers is a bad idea. Good eye.

Yeah, I knew better, but it was an old reporting table and I just did not bother changing it. I have one more question for you. The report was completed and came out just fine. The only problem is that there are 4 lines of data in my dataset, but there is only one page for the report. I expected a new report page for each of the lines in the dataset. Do I need to set something so that I get the rest of the report?

Thats not quite how it works. You need to use a component that looks at multiple rows of your dataset. To do what it sounds like you’re describing, You want to put a table component on your report, and make the Detail section the size of the whole page, and make it unstructured. Then put your report in the Detail section of the table, and it will then be 4 pages long.

Still only showing the first page. I know I am missing something small, but don’t know what it is.

It’ll probably be easier to just show you - why don’t you give us a call?

Thanks Carl. Travis just showed me that what I thought was inside the table, was actually just sitting on top of it. It is working fine now. Many thanks to you both!!

Yeah, that can be a bit confusing. Glad its working now!