Getting selected cell value into a Label from a power table

Good Morning. May just be that it’s Monday but I can’t seem to connect these dots. I have a power table that I’ll run a named query on that will give us inventory required compared to current inventory for scheduling purposes. My plan is to run this in a power table; Below power table have the ability for them to select a row, it fill in some of the labels with the correlating information from the power table, they put in a quantity to produce hit schedule it and off it goes to SQL to schedule. The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to have them select a row in the power table and to get labels to reflect specific cell values.

Ideally I would want the label in the example to just reflect the selected rows string value which would be “E532C978”. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

So far I’ve tried to set a custom property on the power table itself and tried expression: getValueAt({Root Container.Power Table}.selectedRow,4) that doesn’t appear to work.

.getValueAt() is a scripting method of datasets, not a expression language function. But the expression language allows you subscript a dataset like so:

{Root Container.Power}[{Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow}, 4]

Consider putting all of that inside the try() expression function to handle when no row is selected.


Dude thank you so much! You’re awesome!