Getting spike, when expecting 0

When I pull a tag history with Aggregation Mode on RANGE and set the Query Mode to PERIODIC with 2 minute interval ( or less ) I get these spikes. As I understand it, it should be 0 in this interval, since the data has not changed.

If I change the interval to 10 minutes, I get the expected results, without any spikes.

I’m I missing the obvious ?

please help.

I think you want variance?

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Variance produces floating point numbers - that is not what I want.
This is from the documentation for Range:
Range - Returns the range between the highest and lowest value for the period.

And since the Highest and the Lowest are the same number, it should give 0, and not 664.

Ok - I figured out how to fix it when I use Direct Tag.
If I turn on the “Prevent Interpolation” it gives me the correct value ( 0 )

However, I’m using an expression to receive the tag list.
Does anyone know how to “Prevent Interpolation” while using an expression ?
It does not seem to trigger when I select it.