Getting Started - Communications and Feedback Timing


I’m just getting started bench testing Ignition 8 with a Rockwell Logix 5000 PLC.

I’ve read lots of feedback surrounding the Momentary Button issues.
I haven’t gotten as far as looking into that yet. That aside, I have been playing with simple I/Os and am seeming to have a timing issue with buttons.

This may be a general communications/settings issue, but I am not sure where to start.

When pressing a button, the input at the PLC and in the Tag Browser doesn’t become active for 2-5 seconds and then remains on for 3-5 seconds. This is regardless of how long I hold the button for
I played around with hold times and then Tag Groups to no avail and checked what settings I could find that I thought would have any effect.

I am no further forward.

This is an L72S Processor connected directly to a PC running Ignition 8.

Note: I have also been going through the Inductive University training.

I’ll bet you’ve dragged a whole bunch of tags from the OPC browser over to Ignition’s Tag Browser. That causes Ignition to subscribe to all of that data, which for any ordinary application, is probably more than the OPC driver can delivery at the default 1.0s pace.


I had just started removing them when I posted this.
I will remove all and start again.

Out of interest… is there a known limit.
I know it will be dependent on physical equipment, but is there a guideline?

This issue will, no doubt, have an effect on any momentary/jog buttons I wish to implement.
When I get further along I’ll try to implement the resolutions mentioned in the forum for the jog functions others have encountered.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

It varies greatly with models and firmware versions and network latency (ping time, etc). And particularly for Rockwell, whether there’s a continuous task and what the communications time slice is set to. For subscribed reads, look at the driver diagnostics per device connection (doesn’t reflect write loads, or out-of-band reads).