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I have a column view say V1 where I designed an UI in 3 column breakpoint e.g. small, medium, large. Now I am calling this view V1 from a flex repeater 20 times, which is placed inside a flex container view say V2. So, I if uncheck the box defaultwidth/height in flex repeater, the column view is working fine between breakpoints but the view is getting overload. Now, if I check defaultwidth/height to avoid overload, then the column container does not go into different breakpoints. Is there any way to get the column view working and avoiding overload? grow, shrink is set to 1 for flexrepeater.

you mean overflow?
could you show the behaviour

sorry , it is overflow

This is Large breakpoint

This is medium

This is small.

The up and down arrow sign shows it is overflown. It is with usedefaultViewWidth disabled.