Getting tag counts

Maybe I'm just missing it, but it there someplace I can get this value or will I need to count them? Just want to display as part of a support screen...

Use system.tag.browse

You can use name=* then do a len(data) on the return from that method. You and mess with the wildcards to get tag counts from different sections of your tag providers.

Assuming you are on version 8.1.19 or higher, I would use the tag report tool.

Example script the tag report tool can generate for you, then get the length as @kyler.kamyszek stated,

provider = 'YourTagProvider'

query = {
  "options": {
    "includeUdtMembers": True,
    "includeUdtDefinitions": False
  "condition": {
    "attributes": {
      "values": [],
      "requireAll": True
  "returnProperties": [

results = system.tag.query(provider, query)
print len(results)

Thanks y'all. (Good Texas term)

Was just thinking they may have them stored somewhere I couldn't find. Appreciate the assist!