Getting tag path from properties of an object

I was wondering if after I drop a tag into an object, is it possible to get the tag path(s) from the populated properties?

After i dropped a tag into a text field, i wanted to access the tag that is populating the text field and have it in a custom property.

My goal is to set up an object this way and then be able to just drop a tag onto it without any modification.

Does anyone have a good way to do this? Is it even possible? Thanks!

You can create a template with indirect addressing for the objects inside, Create a custom property ,“PATH” (for example)

You could then use a tree object to list out the Tags. Add some scripting to move the selected tag in the tree view to the custom property “PATH”

Is that what you need?

Thanks Ross but that’s not really what i was looking for, I wanted to access the path property of an object not its value.

My goal is to have an object where i can drop a tag on it and a custom variable will populate with the tag path. If i use indirect i will have to change it for each tag and then it wont be dynamic.

The more I looked into it i don’t think its available without using a tag change script which also defeats the purpose.

Thanks anyway

all you would have to do is copy the tag path and paste it into the custom property that you create on the component, as opposed to dragging the tag. It would still be dynamic.

I am being lazy, i was trying to make it a one step process if possible. I could drag the tag and then copy the path but doing that for 100+ items would suck. I was hoping to find a way to just drop a tag and move on!

there is no need to drag the tag if you do it the way we have explained

I was trying to figure this out the other day as well. I settled on a custom property that I copy the tag path into. Let me know if you figure out a way to do it.

Ill keep you posted, i haven’t found anything yet but I’m still hunting

There isn’t really a great way to do it. I would go with the ol’ tagPath custom property.