Getting the OEE planned production time into and from the PLC (edited title)

I have manually entered hours going into a table right now.

What seems to work best for getting the availability for you guys?
I thought RFID might be best.

Have you seen good results with barcode scanners or RFID for determining production time to calculate the availability for OEE?
I would appreciate experience shared on this matter.

I’m not sure what RFID or barcode scanners has to do with availability?

Are you using this formula for availability?

Availability = Run Time / Planned Production Time
Run Time = Planned Production Time − Stop Time

If not, what formula are you using? And how would a barcode or RFID incorporate into that?

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Yes, and to determine which shifts are crewed, so I can get the planned time into the plc easily.
What do you do to get your planned time?

Edited the title.
I’m trying to automate collecting my schedule information.
The schedule changes as fast as mid shift, and manual schedule updating is too slow.

I work at a smaller facility. Basically one shift maybe two if that makes any sense. lol.

We really haven’t digged too much into the formulas. So Start Time is when they start running, not when they clock in or setup. In the past it’s been a manually typed in sort of thing. But I plan on transitioning it to a Start & End button. The lead will be responsible for pressing these buttons at the correct time.

Is there already some sort of RFID or barcode when that info readily available at your facility? If so, that might be a decent way. If not, it seems a bit overkill. And in my opinion not worth the hassle.

I think a supervisor/manager should be responsible for adjusting the schedule in Ignition as part of their schedule change process. Make it easy for them to do, and take the burden off of your self. If they upload it anywhere maybe you can pull from their file?

The primary losses and decisions revolve around where we place our crews.
Here, this is key.
I don’t have a good solution at the moment. RFID or a camera seems the best so far.

I’m not sure how you would use a camera for that. And the RFID method seems the same as manual to me. i.e. unless its already readily available, your adding a manual task someone will need to do, such as scanning the RFID and I don’t see how that is different from someone manually entering it.

That being said, I don’t feel I know enough about the operation. So I’m fresh out of ideas. I’ll let someone else chime in.

The idea would be to detect the RFID badge or identify personnel with the camera to make an assessment of if the machine in planned production.

Then your state data can tell if it is in downtime or running.

A simple method:
If you have operators at the start of the shift, then planned production time.
If you have no operators at the start, then not planned production time.

I think my loose idea to use RFID has become more of a 3 best options.
Standard Schedule - attribute the availability losses to best fit.

There are so many videos about OEE, but not many seem to cover the how part for the schedule side.

Depending on your shift transfer, it might hard via camera. Depending if the area clears, how people show up.

RFID might work. I know there are ways to detect at ‘great’ distances. Here you’d have to be pretty close.

Another option might be a signal from a machine, x amount of down time signals shift change, start after x signals shift start.

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I think I have to go the RFID route.