Getting the user info if the user is from the failover source


I have two user sources configured.

  1. user1, failover user source is configured to use "user2"
  2. user2

project 1 is using user1 as user source.

When I login the project 1 using user from user2, it can login and display correctly.

But is there any system tag that states the name of the current user "user source"?
I can find the user name and its role under the system/user folder, but not the user source.

No, this isn't directly exposed. You could query system.user.getUser with your two possible user sources and see which one returns a user object for the known username?


Sounds like a good candidate for a suggested feature then. @chaoliang you can submit that here so hopefully they include it one day, in the meantime you can try PGriffith's workaround.

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