Getting version 7.6 to talk to AllenBradley v21 or greater

Is it possible to get version 7.6 to talk to newer AllenBradley Compactlogix PLCs (v21 and up)?
Can I use kepwareOPC as an intermediary?

You’ll need to use Kepware and make an OPC connection to it. The v21+ Logix driver is not available in 7.6.



Thanks for bringing the news, even though I am sure that certain folks are not amused. I have also been the bearer of information which was not to be construed as anything that I did or failed to do. I am sure that both Kepware and sales folks for newer revisions of Ignition do appreciate it. So I would guess that the same applies to Rockwell Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs ver. 21 and up- is that also correct? Does support start at Version 7.9 of Ignition?

Yes, same thing applies.

Firmware 21 was released during Ignition 7.7, which is the oldest version you’ll find support.

We don’t generally backport entire modules, and especially wouldn’t have done it for 7.6, which isn’t an LTS version.


Thanks again for taking a moment to inform us. I would not ask had this not been a factor in recent discussions. Clients sometimes overlook incompatibilities when they seek to ‘upgrade’ the hardware, and do try to minimize those repeat budget meetings. I have also seen some few organizations which intentionally end their fiscal year in June, noting that decisions in December may be influenced by the holidays. I am very happy to wish you an your fellow programmers an early: Happy and Safe Fourth of July, and that I also hope for you a great and peaceful Christmas season !

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