Getting Window Type

Am calling system.gui.getWindows() to return a tuple of all project windows. Is there a way or a function call that will tell me the window type of each window i.e. Main Window, Docked Window or popup? Am trying to build a dynamic navigation tree view from available project windows.

The only fundamental difference between the different window types are in their properties; eg a ‘Main Window’ will have ‘Start Maximized’ (scripting: startMaximized) set to True, where a popup will not - and a docked window will have a defined ‘Dock Position’ (scripting: dockPosition), rather than be set to ‘Floating’. These can be inspected from the Window object you get out of system.gui.getWindow(path/to/window)

There is not an official way to get this information about a window that’s not currently open in the client - you would have to dig into the API to figure out how to do this (and here there be dragons, because the API is subject to change without notice, so relying on it for complex scripting can promise you future headaches).

Appreciate the quick response.