Ghost alarm... Help me find it please

I have a ghost alarm, a tag that never had an alarm setup is alarming. It is possible that a co-worker might have set one up by accident but i verified that there is not one setup now. I cannot acknowledge it and it never goes away.

It also references a path that is not there, this alarm is drivig me nuts, is there any other way to track this down? I am thinking about just blowing out both alarm_event and alarm_event_data tables just to try to clear it.

With that being said, can anyone give me a break down of these two tables? maybe i can blowout just the troublesome row and not the whole thing. I tried querying but i was unable to find the alarm id being specified in the alarm status.


If it’s sending out text or email alerts, check with any new tags that have been added. If you added anything new and copied from an old tag, then you may not have changed the display path or other alerting text. You could also try exporting all the tag info out to CSV/XML and search that way. Good luck.

its more of a nuisance alarm, not sending out any emails or texts. It just shows up on the alarm status. I’ll try an export, thanks


For things in alarm status, modifying the log tables won’t help. What version of Ignition are you running? I believe we had a few issues that were fixed in 7.6.4 that could lead to this type of situation, especially when using leased scan classes.

There are a few possibilities for how to get rid of it. First of all, restarting the gateway should take care of it. Just to be on the safe side, instead of just doing a restart, stop the service, and then locate the file like “.alarms_…” in the “{InstallDir}\data” folder, and delete it before then starting the service.

If it still comes back, it’s possible that there maybe be multiple definitions for the tag in the internal db. It doesn’t happen a lot, but we’ve certainly seen it a few times now. If it’s still around after trying what I suggest above, I can give you further things to check.


ok, so i stopped the service, removed the .alarms_* file and restarted the gateway. Now the alarm shows up twice. Once can be acknowledged, the other one just stays there.

I also exported the tags and went through them looking for any discrepancys. I was unable to find any

Any other help would be appreciated. thanks


If you are still faced with this issue we can try another method of locating a duplicate.

  1. Export your tags from the SQLTags Browser
  2. Once you have your tags, delete all the tags from the SQLTags Browser, dont worry, we will re import them from the export you made in step 1
  3. Now go to the Ignition Gateway and edit and save the SQLTags Realtime provider. Edit/Save the Realtime provider.
  4. Go back to the designer and refresh the SQLTags Browser.
  5. Delete all tags that show up in the SQLTags Browser.
  6. Repeat process until no tags are returned when refreshing the SQLTags Browser
  7. Finally, import the SQLTags you exported in step 1