Ghost alarm message issue

This is what has happened:

In one project, I have a UDT, in it, there's a tag called almFailToOn, the alarm is configured.
I duplicated this tag, a new tag is created with a automatically generated name: "almFailToOn 1". Then I renamed this tag to "cfgDevType", and removed the alarm configuration of this tag.

Somehow, in between the changes, the designer lost connection to the gateway and reconnected after a few seconds.

Then the following ghost alarms appeared and were kept in the alarm status page, and there's no way I can remove them.

These alarms do not exist anymore, but still shown as active.

How do I remove them? I can see this alarm log in the database, but there's a saying from another topic of this forum that these alarms are actually sitting in the gateway, not in the database.

The gateway has multiple running sites, it's not easy to reboot the gateway.


Obviously this isn't great because it requires a gateway restart, but this worked for me.

I attempted the following steps tried to replicate this tag and remove the alarm, but still not working:

I have tried:

  1. recreated this same tag "almFailToOn 1"
  2. activate this alarm
  3. deactivate this alarm
  4. there's new alarm shown up and gone, but the ghost alarm still exist

There are four sites using the same UDT, I have multiple ghost alarms on each site now.
Ignition Developer, please help.


Thank you for the information.

It apparently is a bug.
Any better way to fix it?

When you have 20 sites running, meanwhile developing new sites on the same gateway, you won't expect to restart the gateway whenever you tried to create new tags on the developing project and suddenly you got call from site operators saying false alarms on site and cannot be cleared.

This forum is not official support. Open a support ticket.

thank you.

I have reached out local Ignition tech support and tried the solution provided, but still not working.

I will talk to him again and seek further support.

You have no Edge devices? You have nothing permitting your sites to run while a central Ignition instance restarts?

You are doing general development on a gateway that is critical for production on many sites?

I'm sorry, but I think you might have unrealistic expectations.

We have edge on each site, but more of IoT with MQTT function.
Some of the local site do have panel license, some don't.

You are right. I need to optimize the development strategy. Maybe setup another Ignition gateway for development only, or make it a redundant Ignition gateway, which means another set of cost on the cloud.


before this:

Note that two-hour trial mode is sufficient for most development tasks away from actual machinery. No need to wait for budget for another license.

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