Ghost objects

Not sure what I am doing, but I seem to get “ghost” objects on my screens. Basically they are not visible at all, but if I drag my mouse to select a bunch of objects I’ll find objects that are not visible but produce the dashed box around them when they are selected.

They are objects in the root container tree of objects.

Any insight as to why this happens? If visibility is set to true, they should be visible…but they aren’t and I only notice them when I’m selected numerous objects. I delete them since they are not needed, but I’m stumped as to why this occurs.

Ive noticed that also. its been around a while also because Ive seen it as far back as 7.5 it seems. I do alot of copying and pasting between windows so I always thought it may have something to do with that.

Are they perhaps underneath something else? I’ve had that happen to me once or thrice.

I wonder if it was from copy/paste too.

These on on my main window, so no containers or visibly on much. Just a typical equipment layout screen.

This happens to me all the time, it usually occurs when im copying/pasting, ill notice that Ill paste and nothing shows up. Then after the second paste, i have two, usually with the same name.

Even though they are ghost, they do show up in the project browser. That’s how I first found them, its weird but nothing a delete wont fix!