Ghost Transaction Groups


Awhile ago I moved some transaction groups that I had in some projects over to a blank project for just transaction groups.

The Groups are working fine, doing what they should.

The issue is that the Gateway status page (overview map) and the Home page (Tranaction group section) show both sets of Transaction groups with the old ones either stopped or errored even through the ones in the old projects were deleted?

Is there a file somewhere that needs to be cleaned up?



You might have two projects with the same transaction groups. Check all of your projects.

I have checked all my projects on the gateway and none have any transaction groups apart from the new project which contains all the running ones.

Is it possible that when I restored an old gateway backup that used to have the individual project transaction groups that something has become corrupted?


I guess it is possible. We need to check the internal database to see what is in there. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Ignition Gateway configuration page
  2. Click on Console under System on the left
  3. Select the Advanced tab
  4. Click on Raw Settings Viewer link
  5. Put in the following query and press submit:SELECT * FROM PROJECT_RESOURCES WHERE moduleid = 'fsql' and resourcetype = 'group'6) Let me know what you find. That will show you how many groups we think there is in Ignition.


There seems to be 76 groups but I only have 71.

However the interesting thing is that alot of them have the same ProjectID??

As some of the projects are simular I tend to use a group as a template for the others, So I copy the group via Exporting (XML)… reconfigure… then Import as new group.

The status shows 59 running, 40 stopped, 46 errroed. When it should be 59 running, 12 stopped.

Groups.xls (49 KB)

I would guess that the 5 that are from different projects are the 5 extra that you don’t think should be there. When you go into the gateway, and go to Configuration>Projects, do you see any other projects listed?

As for why the numbers are so strange, I really have no idea. Do those number stay the same, even after restarting the gateway? Do any errors get logged to the console on startup? The groups don’t necessarily log all errors, but the should log at least the first error for each group. If it thinks 46 are errored, there should be that many messages.

If you want, the next best thing to do would probably be to upload a gateway backup so we can try loading it. However, if the numbers go down after a restart, it must be something with the project loading system.


I went through all the projects and there were none with any transaction groups apart from the dedicated project for the groups.

Restarted the gateway without success… then rebooted the server and the errors have now gone.

Can’t help but think that this is all a hangover from my previous system crash where I had to reload an old backup to get things working.

cheers for the guidance.