'Ghosting' issue on the Client

We’ve been having this ‘ghosting’ issue on the tables when we launch it on the client, when we check back on the designer it looks ok and it looks right but when launched on the client and we try to select a row the ‘ghosting’ issue happens.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

I’m experiencing this issue across multiple unrelated gateways and various unrelated clients. It seems like a Java issue but it would be nice to get some confirmation, or better yet, a solution.

Java versions on the gateways range from 7u25 to 7u51
Java versions on the client computers range from 7u45 to 7u51

All computers (gateways and clients) are Windows 7 or later.

you guys should post what version of ignition you are running. it is hard to help without knowing that.

versions we’re using are 7.6.2 and 7.6.4, both have the ‘ghosting’ issue

how about your java version?

My combinations that I know are experiencing the issue are the following:

1: Ignition 7.6.4, Gateway cpu: Java 7u51, Client cpu: Java 7u51 (this is a trial version of Ignition)
2: Ignition 7.6.2, Gateway cpu: Java 7u51 & Java7u25 (for Mobile compatibility), Client cpu: Java 7u51

I didn’t notice this ghosting issue on the second configuration until I upgraded to Java 7u51 but I know that the first configuration was having the issue before 7u51 was released. Previous to 7u51 the first configuration had Java 7u45.

I’ve now updated all systems to Ignition 7.6.4 and both the server and client computers are running Java 7u51 but the issue persists.

I’ll bet both issues are caused by improper “opaque” property settings: probably the combination of opaque being true but the background color having an alpha channel of less than 255.

What components are those, exactly?

looks like it is the alpha of less than 255 is causing the issue.

what is the proper way of using the alpha values? we’d really like to be able to use the transparency on some of the components (tables, text fields… etc) we’re using.

Ideally this isn’t something you’d have to be aware of, but it takes some effort on our part to retrofit these components to allow a semi transparent background. Some components have had this done to them, and some haven’t.

That’s why I asked exactly what kind of component you’re using here…

We’re using them on tables and text fields

Well I don’t want to give you false hope, so you should know that tables don’t have a chance to support alpha channels. It just doesn’t work with how tables are designed.

I think we can fix up the text fields pretty easily though.

Ok. How can we fix the text fields?

You can’t, but I’ve put in a ticket to get this fixed on our end.