GigE protocol

you can implemtare of IP cameras with GigE protocol ?

Hmm. More information please, like camera brand and model, perhaps. “GigE” is not a protocol, but a physical layer specification for ethernet. Ignition doesn’t care what physical layer the network uses. If the IP Camera viewer works with the product on 100 Mbit ethernet, you can expect it to work just as well on GigE ethernet.

In machine vision GigE is the protocol (

A few of my cameras do not have any way to do a standard MPEG/JPG stream so not sure if the IP camera viewer will work, only machine vision systems. I do think some vendors allow you to put hte cmaera in a mode where it behaves more like a standard IP camera…

Interesting. Learn something new every day. /-:
I usually use Cognex, and they only offer support for this in VisionPro, which I haven’t needed to use in several years.

Ok, Gyge is an industry standard, not a protocol, but at the moment you can not see inside of Ignition. While using a 1000-Mbit / s Ethernet and pointing the camera’s address no images.

Now which way is best to go?
Create an external module with a video layer interpreter,
I have seen ImageJ which allows further processing?
Use another ??
Thank you

I too have a new (several) projects where we are upgrading a old NTSC (analog) cameras to GigE type cameras, is there any Java library I can use that will integrated with Ignition. My only other choice right now is to do this with NI LabVIEW.

Have you seen this:


I remember this now. No java SDKs that I can see. This might help:

The PvAPI (Prosilica) library is optional in OpenCV. The Java bindings I load in my streaming module do have the PVAPI constants built in for use with the VideoCapture class, so whether it would work or not would be entirely dependent on the DLLs or *nix shared libs present in the version of OpenCV installed in the Ignition gateway.

When we talk about GigE cameras were talking about the Specification that all GigE vision cameras must follow to be branded with the GigE logo. This makes changing from one camera manufacture to another just as easy as possible without recoding. GigE camera manufactures must adhere and pay a licensing fee to brand their cameras with the GigE logo. Competing other similar camera standard would be Camera link etc. Where people get confused, is Networking people only hear the work GigE which means just 1Gig network to them. GigE vision uses a UPD network connection, with Jumbo packets, which can run at any speed, usually 1 or 10 Gig, but some newer models require 40 Gig Lan connections. (these would be the high speed 6700 frames/sec cameras). Right now I’m just trying to find any library (java) that follows the GigE vision protocol. There are a few third parties that sell SKD’s for this, and you can call them from C, Python etc. has anybody seen a SDK that is callable from Java?