Give focus to a dock without having to click on it

I would like to give the focus to a dock (top) without having o click on it

The dock top contain a dropdown on its left side. If I click on the dropdown, the list is visible only if I click before on the dock top....

This sounds like a bug instead of a question. Can you provide some more information? Version? Is there anything special about the Dropdown or how its options are determined?

I have the same issue, I'm on 8.1.39.

Example, north dock has a dropdown for themes. West deck is used for navigation. If the users does something in the west dock, the only way they can use the dropdown in the north dock is to first click the north dock to get focus, otherwise the dropdown "falls" behind.

Note: for me, this is just a test application, so no big deal, but I could see a need down the road and would be nice to at least have a workaround. I couldn't find a way to grab focus programmatically.

Normal (with focus):

Abnormal (no focus):

I think this post is similar?

Ignition 8.1.39.
This is the usecase describe by @jlandwerlen

I'm experiencing the same issue as this. If I have a navigational north dock with a left menu onDemand dock. If I initially click on the dropdown with the left dock open, the dropdown options hide behind the menu. A user would have to click on an open part of the top dock to "gain focus" of that view and then for the dropdown options to show on top correctly.

I tried a bunch of different things to see if I could gain focus, but doesn't make a difference. I tried other tricks to add the property "position" or "z-index", also setting the overflow to "visible", but couldn't make those work either.

This has made our navigation quite limited and a stopping point in in finishing out the project.