Glitchy/Jittery snap to grid

Ignition Vision 7.7.4
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

I’ve noticed that when I turn on Snap to Grid and move an object with the mouse, the object jitters around about each snap position. For example, I move an object and the X coordinate jitters from 989.5 to 990.875 when I drag and move it about one particular snap point. If I move the cursor a little farther, the object jumps to the next snap point and the jittering then occurs at that point (e.g. from 999.5 to 1,000.25). The snap point seems to be suffering from rounding errors or similar… It’s really annoying

See here for a short clip of it:

This looks like it is working fine to me. The reason for the “jitteryness” that you described is because you are moving the mouse. When you try to move an object, it will move and then a calculation will be done to snap it into place. So if you move your mouse to the right just a tiny bit, it will look like it is jittering. Your mouse moves, so the component moves the millimeter or so across your screen, then it will do the calculation and try to snap it into place, which is probably back to the left. The jitters come from the calculation constantly running while you are moving the component. I guess an argument could be made about only running the calculation once when you release the mouse, but there isn’t really anything wrong with what is happening now. To test out how the snap to grid works, zoom way in, click on the component, but keep your mouse in one position. The component should stay perfectly still. Then when you slowly move it, you can see it move slightly then snap back into place.