Global Gateway Control Utility

This may be part of the new stuff coming out that was announced at the conference. But if not, I think it would be very handy to have a Gateway Control Utility that could be run on one’s PC and would have the ability to control any gateway you have permissions to contol.

Here is why. We have two gateways on two different servers. Both gateways have OPC connections to the same OPC server. If we need to stop that OPC server, which happens fairly often, we have to stop both gateways, or the OPC server will stop, and then immediately start back up again. To do this, we have to do a remote desktop to each server to run the GCUs.

Yeah, it sounds a bit trivial. It’s just a nuisance, really, but would be a nice feature if it could be implemented fairly easy. Not a high priority by any means.