Global Scope vs project scope

Can someone please explain when is global scope recommended to be used against project scope and why we do not have play button in global scope which make runtime preview mode easy in project scope. I allready passed trough forums and documentation but i was not able to find that information.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Use global scope when you want to use resources in multiple projects - or not in any project (running on the gateway outside all projects). Alarm Notification Pipelines and Sequential Function Charts are examples of global resources that run on the gateway outside any project.

Use project scope when you want to use resources per project. A project resource can only be used in the project that it was defined/created in.

For example Python scripts in Global scope can be used by any project. Python scripts in project scope can only be used by the project that they were defined in.

The play button is for running project windows and templates. That is all it is for. There are no windows or templates in the global scope so the play button doesn’t exist in that scope.

The play/preview/design mode button only exists for the windows and templates workspace.