Global script changes causing unrelated applications to request to be updated

In this thread, PGriffith mentioned an open issue regarding this back in May of 2017. I think this is what I’ve been seeing and why all our clients seem to always have the update bar showing, but I can’t seem to find any other posts related to this issue. We are running 7.9.10. Has this been fixed in any of the newer versions? Also, is there a way to prevent clients from displaying the update bar? I know I can enable updates to be pushed instead of notify, but I don’t really want every client app to restart every time someone edits an unrelated global script.

Treat global scripts like critical plant infrastructure – don’t edit outside of planned “outage” windows. Give up tag event scripts. Use gateway tag change event scripts in dedicated projects that have no UI.

Or try upgrading to v8. The new project architecture offers significant improvements to these issues.