Global script modules

I just want to verify ignition behavior in regard to global script modules. In working with a gateway script that is calling a global script module, I encountered the following error:

File “module:forms”, line 91, in startForm
INFO | jvm 1 | 2013/01/21 11:30:32 | NameError: global name ‘app’ is not defined

Line 91 is within a global script module calling another global script module “app.utilities.decHms”
as formDurationHms = app.utilities.decHms.toDecHms(formDuration)

Based on the error, it appears that either it is not possible to call a global script module from within a global script module, or, I do not have the correct syntax.

You can call app scripts inside of other app scripts. You just have to import app first:import app app.utilities.decHms.toDecHms(....)