Global Search and Replace

We’re developing a screen that uses ~150 occurences of a custom component. We get to the point where we think it is right, then copy 100 or so the screen and begin more full scale testing, realize we’ve missed something, fix it (which invariably results in changing some custom properties, etc.), delete the 99 that are wrong and replace them with the updated version (but for every new copy of the component we have to go in and manually set a few things…). We’ve done this 5 times by now.

It would be great if we could leave all the components on the screen and do a global search and replace of all code snippets, custom properties, etc. There is a similar capability in factory sql (replacing ‘/’ with ‘_’ for all tags in a group, for example). How about something like that in pmi? Thanks!

Tell the same to Rockwell while you are at it! It is a good feature and I would like to see it in every piece of HMI software I use.

I second that one! Yes, we’re well aware of this feature request - I think its right behind a zoom feature. We’ll get it in there, but be patient, our development schedule is quite full.

Is there any update on this feature request? Would it be possible to use the Re-Capture function of the custom component to update all uses of the same component throughout the project?

No update other than it is very high on the list.

That is a separate feature that we call “Inheritable Components”. It is also a high priority.