Global security permissions

I have project with many windows and elements of this windows.
I want to create the role, which can discover all the windows but cant to change any properties like tag change or property change. Only for discover, to see the windows.
How I can do this?

What you want to do is set security on the components on the screen. You can disable the components you do not want them to write to. Right click a component and go to security, this will expose the security settings. Select the roles you want to have full access and then select the limitations you want the other roles to have.

heres a video … _videos%3D

I want to set global permissions.
Example, i have role “Manager” which must only to see windows, but dont must to edit any textfildes or checkboxes.
I have many windows and making on all of them takes many times. It must be global for all of the windows.

To set which roles can view a project go to Project>Properties. Under the Project, Permissions is View, here you set a list of roles that are required in order to view the project.

To disable roles for editing that would be done on a per component basis.