Global SQL Tag Stale State

I added a Device but have it disabled in the gateway ( Well4 ). I do not have this PLC available at the moment. I added a tag and under the OPC Properties I set OPC server to: IgnitionOPCUA and the OPC Item Path to: [Well4]N12:0/6. As soon as I hit OK, it takes all my other tags into a STALE state under Quality.

I found, however, a way around it… by switching Enabled to ‘False’ in the general properties of the tag. This caused my other tags to go back to GOOD quality. I think this only happens when a Device Exists but is not Enabled. I tried it with a random path: [test]N12:0/6 and it did not have the STALE effect on my other tags.

Using Ignition 7.0.9

Yeah… I just found this bug earlier today. It’s fixed now. You’ll have to grab a dev release as soon as we make one available.

In the meantime just keep the device enabled :-/