Global Template and Tag() function

Using Ignition 7.9.2

I suspect I’m missing something with global vs project scopes, but here’s my issue.

I have a global template, one of it’s properties is a string called “TagPath”, which is the path to the tag in Ignition. Some of the objects on the screen have a custom binding that uses a function like so:


While this works fine on a regular template, it fails on the global template. I’ve tried to hard code the tag path in for testing but it also fails. Can anyone tell me what I missing?

Does that tagpath property include the provider name in brackets? I would expect that to be necessary for global resources.

It didn’t but since it was using the default provider it ended up not making a difference.

However, checking that tip out caused me to realize that the SimEnable tag hadn’t been made quite right on the import and so instead of having a value of 0 or false, it has a value of NULL.

Toggling the tag on and off again clears up the issue, however there are HUNDREDS of these tags. When I highlight all the UDT instances and select edit tags, it only lets me edit the one UDT that I clicked on. Is there a way to edit a group of highlighted UDT instances such that I can set all their tag properties to true, and then back to false?