Global Templates in 7.9

I have a Controller Gateway and several other gateways as agents, I am trying to share the same templates across all of them as our templates are generic. I cannot seem to get the global templates to “share”. I created a gloabl (shared) template in the Controller Gateway, but this template does not show up in any other gateways. Then I sent this global template to the other gateways using “Send Project Resources” under “Agent Tasks”. After I got the same templates in the controller and all other gateways, I tried making a change to the global (shared) template, but the change is not reflected anywhere else. Am I doing something wrong here? Shouldn’t I be able to use and edit the global templates across all projects?

Global (shared) templates are just templates that can be used by all the projects on your gateway rather than belonging to a single project. They don’t automagically sync to other gateways.

Understood. I ran into issues with using global templates now. I created global templates in my projects, and tried to use them on my screen, however, when I run the project the template objects are not showing up as if the project cannot find the templates. When I am in the designer, all my objects look correct. As soon as I run my project from a client, the template objects do not show up, I only see a box with the template symbol and a red X on the top left corner of the box.