Global variable question

Running version 3.2.3 of FPMI. Have a global timer defined with a time duration of 15 seconds. There is a value which is being calculated in this timer.

What is the best and most efficient way to have a dynamic proper from a screen attach to this value inside the timer? Can it even be done?

Thanks and have a great day.

PS - THought about that global command but just unsure how to utilize it.

Hi mrtweaver,

I would do this by storing the value in a db tag. For example, here’s a simple script to increment a value which I put in a Global Event Timer script :

value = fpmi.tag.getTagValue("[]Test1") + 1 fpmi.tag.writeToTag("[]Test1",value)
You can then tie any animation to the Test1 tag.


Al, many thanks, worked like a charm.